Bury the Needle 03/21/2019

Ice T – Shut Up, Be Happy
Amon Amarth – Raven’s Flight
Deafheaven – Black Brick
WORMWITCH – Disciple Of The Serpent Star
Ringworm – Death Becomes My Voice
Nervosa – Raise Your Fist!
Revocation – Vanitas
Devil Master – Devil Is Your Master
Ascend Descend – Senseless
Exumer – Hostile Defiance
Kings and Liars – Blood From Stone
Almost Honest – Whale Bones
Demon Eye – The Waters And The Wild
Kings Destroy – Yonkers Ceiling Collapse
Horseburner – Hand of Gold, Man of Stone
Valley of the Sun – All We Are
Queens of the Stone Age – My God is the Sun
Gore – Battle Of Stones
Toke – Dead Waiting
Robots and Monsters – It Gets Worse
Sick of It All – Betray
Sick of It All – World Full of Hate
Sick of It All – Step Down
Iron Reagan – Miserable Failure
Iron Reagan – Paper Shredder
Mourn the Light – Carry the Flame
Black Sabbath – Air Dance