Episode 4 Risleydale’s Roots, Rock, Radio January 28th 2018


Big set of almost all 45’s tonight. A couple of jumps, heavy footed neighbor believe it or not.


Dub Specialist – Roaring Reggae
Freddy Mcgregor – I Man A Rasta
Jah Bible – Babylon Fight Against Youth
Hortense Ellis – Jah Mysterious Works
Errol Alphonso – Chant Jah Victory
Yabby You – Warn The Nation
Abyssinians – Satta Masagana Dub
Wilfred Jackie Edwards – So Jah Seh
Interns – Nothing Is Impossible
Augustus Pablo – Black Out
Sheua Anglin Mother In Law Dub
Errol Holt – My Heart Is In Danger
Jah Stone – Danger To Danger
Glen Brown & Eric Frater – Looking Dread
The Maytones – 100lbs Of Clay
Junia – So Much
Pat Kelly – How Long
Natural Roots – Knot Up Your Dread
Junior Delgado – I Am Still Thinking
Dick Palmer – Times So Hard
Spanner Ranking – A Fe We Country
Ossie All Stars – Brooklyn Style
Toots & The Maytals – Day And Night
Jah Lloyd & BIngy Bunny – African Culture
Jah Walton – Port More Rock
Almighty Stones – Penetrate
Max Romeo Open Up THe Iron Gate
Righteous Flames – Zion
Upetters – Bury The Razor
Roman Stewart – Man Of Dignity
Keithus I – Dreadlocks I
Keithus I – Dreadlocks at The Ark
Lloyd Parks – Time A Go Dread
Hopeton Junior – Blackman Beware
Dennis Alcapone – Dread Skank
U Brown – Tye & Dye
Naggo Morris – Jah Will Explain
Jah B – Warning
Leroy Smart – Jah Forgive Them
N***er Charlie – Hooligan Rock
Derrick Screechy – Tricky Tricky Woman