Independent Corner – February 3rd, 2018

Here’s a recording of Independent Corner Broadcasted live on February 3rd, 2018.  Also included is the list of songs played during the show

“Frank Palangi”,”Driving These Lines”,”Frank Palangi EP”,”
“Scott Coner”,”Feels Like Friday”,”Feels Like Friday”
“Emypre”,”Just a Ride”,”EMPYRE EP1″
“Penny Robillard & Rev. Velvet Sheen”,”Crusade”,”Premeditated Murder”
“Candy Rose”,”The Best”,””
“Diana Rein”,”Wild One”
“The Angeles Project”,”Your Name In Lights”,”Your Name In Lights (single)”
“ACIDIC”,”Rad (Standing in the Rain)”,”Creatures”
“Dead Moves”,”Guillotine”,”EP”
“Nina Amelio”,”Believe Me”
“Blackstar Burning”,”As Time Goes By”
“Michael Moore”,”Another One”
“Will McBride Group”,”Ultimate Sacrifice”,”3PLAY”
“Marija”,”On the Inside”,”On the Inside”
“Graham Murray”,”Like A River”,”
“Lori Diamond and Fred Abatelli”,”The Outside”,”LIFTED”
“Amber Ladd”,”What I Believe”,”It”
“Rob Rise On Belief”,”Up In The Air”
“Juliet Gough”,”Sweet Angel Blue”
“Mick J Clark”,”Why Oh Why”
“Gina Zavalis”,”Reach For Me”,”Gina Zavalis”
“4Flava”,”Short Lived Love”
“Jason Adamo”,”Far Away From Here”,”Transistor”
“Mercy Creek”,”Go On Little Child”,”Mercy Creek Make a Memory ”
“Smashing Lads”,”Easier Said Than Done”,”Smashing Lads”
“E6″,”Mister Magic”
“Trip to Dover”,”In This Rain”,”Kiss Fight Dance”
“Brenda Lynn Allen “,” Better”
“Kerry Goodhind”,”Give Me More”
“Ages”,”Behind The Face”,”Ages”
“Garak”,”Sonzaikan”,”Garak Type M”
“The Fabulous Miss Wendy”,”Love Song”,”The Fabulous Miss Wendy”
“Cozmicsoulfire”,”Living In A Darknight”,”Poison”
“The Lora G Band feat. Kimberley Ariel”,”The Light”
“Inanna”,”Feels So Pure”
“Dougas Coleman”,”We Said To Them”