My Week That Was 12-21-17 hr.2

“My Week That Was” 12-21-17 playlist Hr.2

Squeeze – Innocence in Paradise
The New Respects – Shoes
Spoon – Hot Thoughts
The Bright Light Social Hour – Tear Down That Wall
The Gary Monro Project – RADIO
The Sawtelles – 9 out of 9
The Town Hall – Flickering
The Waterboys – If The Answer Is Yeah!
The Weeklings – Next Big Thing
Third Of Never – If You Don’t Keep Me Happy
Todd Rundgren – Buy My T
Tipsy In Chelsea – You Are The Sun
William Patrick Corgan – The Spaniards
Mountain Movers – Angels Don’t Worry
*Bonus Tracks
Vinnie Penn – Christmas In East Haven
Frank Sinatra – That Swingin’ Manger
Elvis Presley – Merry Christmas Baby
The American Percussion Ensemble – Carol Of The Bells