NEW YORK GROOVE – 09.29.2017

Hello New York Groovers.  I know you like music.  But is it your love, your passion, your obsession, or something else?

Megaweapon – We’re Legally Not Allowed to Talk About It
The Shadowboxers – Fixer
Jocelyn & Chris Arndt – I’m Fine
Charlotte Harrow – Don’t Say
The Shacks – This Strange Effect
Deyansa – Holding On To Life
Moby – Run On
The Strokes – The Modern Age
The Strokes – Alone, Together
The Brian Setzer Orchestra – Ghost Radio
Dr. Martino – Weekend Shoes
Pete Townshend – So Sad About Us / Brr
Pete Townshend – Popular
Pete Townshend – Behind Blue Eyes
Amy Ray – SLC Radio
Amy Ray – Stand And Deliver
Shinobi Ninja – 2 Years 10 Months
Shinobi Ninja – Bang Bang