Another show chock full of amazing New York music! Check out those songs from MEGAWEAPON! Your gonna like it!

Charlotte Harrow – This Time

Jocelyn & Chris Arndt – Shine

SWIM – Fall Into Me

SWIM – Fever

Crash the Calm – Ambient Sound Of Traffic

Megaweapon – I Won’t Die

Megaweapon – Eyelids

Crash the Calm – Irish Exit

Shinobi Ninja – Programmable Animal

Sir Cadian Rhythm – Not Quite Done Yet

Blondie – Sunday Girl

Blondie – Dreaming

Suzanne Vega – Room Off The Street

Suzanne Vega – Rusted Pipe

Anthony D’Amato – If You’re Gonna Build A Wall (With Israel Nash & Lizzie No)

Sonic Youth – Dirty Boots

Foo Fighters – Best Of You

Foo Fighters -No Way Back

Rainbow Kitten Surprise – Goodnight Chicago

Rainbow Kitten Surprise – Cocaine Jesus

Matthew Sweet – Cortez The Killer