Risleydale’s Roots, Rock, Radio….The 2 one one

So this is my show. It’s been on long enough now that if you’ve listened, this is what it’s about. If not, well, it’s reggae.
Feel good, keep trodding on, love the life you live style reggae.
I should preface each show with “get ready for some crackle and hiss”. I’m playing all original, mostly Jamaican vinyl.
While the output of music is insane, the quality of the vinyl is not always the best looking or sounding.
Some of these are also copies I bought second hand. It’s unlikely I’ll see other copies of some of these records, so I play what I have and try not to let anything to obtrusive into the mix.
I hope you’re digging it.  This weeks set included:
Rerprobates – Rocky Music
Mill Henry & Clive Filed Marshall – Come On and Rock Me
The Rolets – Top Ranking Girls
Dhaima & Dennis Brown – A True
The Jewels – Love & Livity
Big Youth – Political Confusion
Delroy Williams – Three Men In A Truck Back
Revelation – Jah Feeling
David Anyd – Jah Will Be Coming
Leroy Smart – So Strong
Ripton Hylton – My Father’s Land
Pablo Gad – Kunte Kinte
Gene Rondo – Declaration Of Rights
Leroy Sibbles – My Heart Is Gone
Rankin Toyan – Kill No Man
Dennis Brown – Children Of Israel
Delroy Wilison – How Can I
Earth & Stone – Run Home
Kutchie – Crying In The Ghetto
Echo Minott – Ten Miles
Jimmy Riley – Channel One Crash
Dennis Reid – Land Of The Rising Sun
R Zee Jackson – Road Of Tribualtion
Stranger & Gladdy with Shorty Perry – Dedicated to Illiteracy
Big Joe – Lick Them Face
Prince Heron – Spanish Town Disco Rock
Tappa Zukie – Judge I O Lord
Carol Kalphat – Africa Land
Wailing Souls – Who No Waan Come
Sister Nancy – Chalice
Welton Irie & Lone Ranger – Big Fight
Enos Mcleod – See It Deh