the allison transmission 01.04.18

is it snowing where you are today? here in the crows nest it’s hard to say if we’ve gotten any snow. it’s all white out the window. barring total power grid failure the show will go on. I’ve braved the commute (careful those steps are steep) and given a double shot of marching juice, let’s make finely modulated hot air and spin some biffin’ platters (figuratively, for the most part)
the Allison transmission-made fresh daily
La Bomba Tonio K
Squonk Genesis
Rain and Snow Pentangle
Wind Pictures Ebin-Rose Trio
Valley Winter Song Fountains of Wayne
Cold Rain and Snow Grateful Dead
Out In the Cold Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
G Gone 1 Promo
Out In The Cold Again Van Morrison
Acadian Driftwood (Remastered) The Band
wayback 01.04
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat Charles Mingus
Open Country Joy Mahavishnu Orchestra
Rob Promo 2
Cygnus Dig This
Birds Of Fire Mahavishnu Orchestra
Impossible Germany Wilco
Stuck In the Middle With You Stealers Wheel
Metal Dad Promo
The Rocker (Full Version) Thin Lizzy
When Sunny Gets Blue McCoy Tyner
The Snow Is Dancing Isao Tomita
snow Harry Nilsson
Let It Snow Glenn Roth
Goose snow cone Aimee Mann
Written in the Snow The Autumn Defense
Beer Run Todd Snider
Drinkin’ Beer Fiction
American Beer The Swaggerts
Spent the Day in Bed Morrissey
State of The Union James McMurtry
Conservative, Christian, Right-Wing Republican, Straight, White, American M… Todd Snider
Hey Pretty Boy Todd Snider
love you for listening i ain’t snowin’ you