the allison transmission 02.16.17

in lieu of a go to recipe for radio excellence…we resort to the time tested method of flinging spaghetti on the wall and seeing what sticks. we’ll limit stains by going with a white sauce.
the allison transmission

Couldn’t I Just Tell You -Todd Rundgren
Wolfman Jack -Todd Rundgren
Clap For The Wolfman- Guess Who
Nobody’s Business But My Own -Taj Mahal
Mexican Radio -Wall Of Voodoo
Border Radio -The Blasters
Heard It On The X- ZZ Top
The Hamden Strangler- Bop Tweedie
Finding The Light -No Line North
Begins Where It Ends- No Line North
Can I Tell You -Kansas
wayback 02.16
Girls On Film -Duran Duran
Get It On -The Power Station
All Shook Up -Otis Blackwell
Great Balls of Fire -Jerry Lee Lewis
Fever -McCoys
Don’t Be Cruel -Cheap Trick
I’m a Hog for You Baby -The Youngbloods
cygnus dreams
App promo
The Beat Goes On -Sonny & Cher
John Wesley Harding -Bob Dylan
The Story -Tom Guerra
Ace Of Cups Hung Low Band -Hiss Golden Messenger
Aces Up Your Sleeve -Dion
The Royal Scam- Steely Dan
You Go Down Smooth- Lake Street Dive
moon and monocle 001
Some Kinda Music -Verbs
Music Is My Monkey -Charlie Wood
Apologize -Seth Adam
Too Many Losers-Bobby & the Midnites
Joyride -Bonnie Hayes With The Wild Combo
Hello -Hannah Cranna