the allison transmission 03.15.17

inertia overcome by a single mouse click…the ball once rolling will find it’s logical path…one thing leads to another…
that’s the schematic of old fashion, free-form on line radio
the allison transmission
Vehicle -The Ides of March
March of Men -1974
Blues March -Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers
Caesar -The Oh Hellos
Guantanamera- The Sandpipers
Perfect Way -Miles Davis
Dance the Night Away With You -Dr. John
Only You Know and I Know -Dave Mason
Name For You -The Shins
Fantasy Island -The Shins
wayback 03.15
When I’m Dead and Gone -McGuinness Flint
My Baby’s Gone- Lightnin’ Hopkins
Mojo Hand- Lightnin’ Hopkins
Dear Doctor -The Rolling Stones
This Years Model promo Cygnus Radio
cygnus gohn be funky
Jigsaw Puzzle- The Rolling Stones
Do Re Mi- Ry Cooder
Money Honey- Ry Cooder
No Banker Left Behind -Ry Cooder
Lo And Behold- Coulson Dean Mcguinness Flint
Wishing Well- Terence Trent D’Arby
Somebody’s Watching Me (Single Version)- Rockwell
Fun- Sly & The Family Stone
You Can Make It If You Try- Sly & The Family Stone
Caroline, No- Charles Lloyd Quartet
Winter In America- Gil Scott-Heron
Monkey In Memory- Shula Weinstein
Mothers’ Song -Violent Mae
The Truth- Farmertan