the allison transmission 04.12.17

a knock of the figurative door…it’s the ghastly music director…another essential soul has passed…attention must be paid. then, there’s the wayback machine with instructions and a flood of new releases which must be attended to, too. will there be time for directionless wanderings? why, yes. it’s…
the allison transmission-made fresh daily

One Last Kiss- The J. Geils Band
First I Look At the Purse -The J. Geils Band
Funky Blues (feat. Doug James) -J.Geils
Mission to Moscow -Jay Geils
Come Back -The J. Geils Band
moon and monocle 001
2017 Daffodil Festival ad
Nothing New- The Fabulous Rhinestones
Wicked Time- Christine Ohlman
Polk Salad Annie -Tony Joe White
wayback 04.12
Galileo- Indigo Girls
Easy Evil -John Kay
Sookie Sookie -Steppenwolf
Copeland Auto Repair (edit)
Here We Go Again -Everclear
cygnus whip this out
AM Radio -Everclear
Talk Memphis -Vince Gill
Next Big Thing -Vince Gill
Watermelon Man -Herbie Hancock
Milestones -Herbie Hancock
The Sunday Buzz at Cafe 9
The Hardest Thing to Do- Eddie Seville
Day after Day -Tipsy In Chelsea
Gifts From Gordon- One Hundred Faces
I’m Not Like Everybody Else- The Kinks
God Only Knows- Beach Boys
They Broke The Spell -Mark Mulcahy
I Got to Find My Baby -Magic Dick & Jay Geils