the allison transmission 07.11.17

step right up…no line …no waiting..see the old goofball spin the silver discs…see the singing, songwriting poet grapple with reality…hear the young fella wow us with his talent. step into the past with the wayback machine. don’t be afraid little lady..don’t be shy, son. step right up.
the allison transmission-made fresh daily
Mr. President Have Pity on the Working Man- Hard Working Americans
Homburg- Procol Harum
Russians- Sting
Broken English -Marianne Faithfull
After The Rain Chuck Prophet
Pirates Holding Hands -Shandy Lawson
Run Primo Run- Chuck Prophet
Highway 61 Revisited -Bob Dylan
Alex Nieto -Chuck Prophet
Snacks And Candy -Miracle Legion
moon and monocle 001
Cold Heartbreaker- Ryxno
Love Removal Machine- The Cult
Wayback 07.11
Alexander Hamilton -Hamilton Original Broadway Cast
Harper Lee -Suzanne Vega
Radio Free Roscoe ID
Rockaway Beach- Ramones
Soar -Dick Neal
Sunny Afternoon -The Kinks
The Man Upstairs -Ray Davies
and a ton of tunes from Nick Depuy​:
Kings of Sing-A-Long
Don’t Keep Me Waiting
Falling In Love
I’ve Seen It Coming
Don’t Worry
and a few live ones on top of that.
Kid’s good !