the allison transmission 08.04.17

inertia overcome by a single mouse click…the ball once rolling will find it’s logical path…one thing leads to another…
that’s the schematic of old school, free-form, on line radio..the weekend’s wild with music…the wayback machine will have its say..c’mon
the allison transmission-made fresh daily
Jungleland -Bruce Springsteen
Run Through The Jungle -Creedence Clearwater Revival
It’s a Jungle out There -Randy Newman
You Can’t Hold On Too Long -The Cars
Since I Held You -The Cars
cygnus Every Little Thing 001
Talk to Me (With Claire Lynch & Alison Brown) -The Gibson Brothers
Slippin’ Stone- Balkun Brothers
Get Over Me Monster Mike Welch & -Sugar Ray & The Bluetones
Mind Made Up- Michael Cleary Band
Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars) -Mark Ronson
Wayback 08.04
Summertime -Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald
Hesitation Blues- Louis Armstrong and His All Stars
To Hell With Them ID
cygnus_loco archives
Grits Ain’t Groceries- Little Milton
Loves Me Like A Rock- Paul Simon
Forever – Billy Bob Thornton- Billy Bob Thornton
These Boots Are Made For Walking -Nancy Sinatra
Hound Dog- Elvis Presley
What Is Hip? -Tower Of Power
Bring It With You When You Come -Christine Ohlman & Rebel Montez
The Sunday Buzz at Cafe 9
Hey Mister -Michael Hunton
Something’s Wrong -Junior Watson
Copeland Auto Repair (edit)
moon and monocle 001
Picture -Frank Critelli
Standing On A Corner… -Ben Parent
Same Old -The Honey Dewdrops
Omission -The Magpie Salute
My Wife Thinks You’re Dead -Junior Brown