the allison transmission 09.08.17

you can’t swing a drunken drummer * around without hitting live music events this weekend. new haven, east haven and north..middletown…new london…jeepers…the transmission isn’t big enough to cover all the musical possibilities. the wayback machine is contractually obligated to elbow its way into the show, too. so…
the allison transmission-made fresh daily
* no drummers were damaged in the creation of this precis..because they’re drummers…and because they’re drunk
History Of Rock ‘N’ Roll- XTC
History Of Rock N Roll – Live -The Mill Valley Taters
Rock ‘n’ Roll -Detroit
Life On Planet Earth -Fe Fi Fo
The Distance -Parker’s Tangent
Like a Gun -Podunk Throwbacks
Crystal Blue Persuasion- Tommy James & The Shondells
Get Out of Bed- Livingston Taylor
Carolina Day -Livingston Taylor
Anybody Else- The Ballroom Thieves
Yes -Kate Callahan
Along For the Ride- Mark Mirando
waybck 09.08
Good for me -Aimee Mann
Crazy (Single Version) -Patsy Cline
Kingfish -Randy Newman
In The Jailhouse Now -Jimmy Rodgers
Hard to Handle -Grateful Dead
Broke Like A Bone- Elegant Primates
Settle Down -Seth Adam
Constantly Changing -Frank Critelli
Buttercup -Kerri Powers
Rainbow Turned to Stone -Rivener
oblivion (2) -The Sawtelles
Long Drop Back -The Hempsteadys
Prehab –Marvelous Liars
Buy You Flowers-Fiction
The Sunday Buzz at Cafe 9
Having A Wild Weekend -The Dave Clark Five
On the Weekend -The Reducers