the allison transmission 11.15.17

they say : curiosity killed the cat. not if it’s a hep cat…they say : you can’t have your cake and eat it too. why have a cake at all then? …they say: a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. hasn’t killed me yet. who do they think we are… idioms !?!
be curious..have a slice or two…come barely get your ankles damp in wisdom .
the allison transmission-made fresh daily
Playing In the Band Bob Weir
Don’t Do It The Band
Going Up to the Country and Paint My Mailbox Blue (Live) Taj Mahal
slidin’/never tell your mother she’s out of tune Ellen McIlwaine
I’m Talkin’ ’bout You Washboard Slim And The Bluelights
Til’ the Seas Run Dry Dom Flemons
Mad Pad The Electric Logs
Here Today The Ivory Bills
Rock On Enzyme
Average Plan The Mold Monkies
It’s The Rain Hi-Fi Automatic
Stutta Jellyshirts
wayback 11.15
Everybody Cryin’ Mercy Mose Allison
Your Mind Is On Vacation Mose Allison
Your Molecular Structure Mose Allison
Radio Free Roscoe ID
Some Like It Hot Power Station
Break on Through (To the Other Side) The Doors
Gaudete Steeleye Span
Black Jack Davy Steeleye Span
Sailing To Philadelphia Mark Knopfler
Brothers In Arms Dire Straits
Innocence in Paradise Squeeze
English Roundabout XTC
Knots Gentle Giant
Hump Day Tin Huey
Origin of Species Tim O’Brien
The Monkey Speaks His Mind Dave Bartholomew
Monkey To Man Elvis Costello & The Imposters
Dance Like a Monkey New York Dolls
love you for listening fer realz