the allison transmission with frank critelli 10.31.17

well…now..that’s scary… i haven’t posted the daily precis and the show has already begun…still , no fear, there’s still plenty of time to catch frank critelli…the wayback machine…the old crow (nevermore) and participate in the madness.
the allison transmission-made fresh daily

Thriller Heather Fay
Season of the Witch Richard Thompson
Bela Lugosi’s Ghost The Hempsteadys
BAUHAUS – Bela Lugosi’s Dead (Full length version)
Zombie Zoo Tom Petty
Trouble Cat Stevens
Long Way Down (Look What The Cat Drug In) Michael Penn
One Man Wrecking Machine Guster
Lay My Lily Down Bob Weir
Tom Guerra – Blood on the New Rising Sun
wayback 10.31
All Saints Day Van Morrison
Helter Skelter U2
So what’cha want Beastie boys
Planet of Weed Fountains Of Wayne
The Last Thing On My Mind Tom Paxton
U.S. Blues Grateful Dead
Candy Wrapper Laundry Day
how I got fat while living skinny SG Carlson
cygnus_the drop
All the Same to You Joe Flood
Shwagdad Strawberry Cheesesteak
Rock and Roll Halloween Bobby Bare Jr.
Halloween Parade Lou Reed
Castro Halloween Chuck Prophet