the loco archives 02.12.17

it’s time for another trip back into the near 30 year archives of thelocalbandsshow. as originally aired on wplr february 13th in the year 2000…original commercials, dave drzal’s concert calendar and hosts intact. part one of this week’s episode includes:
the electric logs…holy smoke…pornfunk…big fat combo…forever einstein..nebula trip and the mocking birds
featuring the one, the only, james velvet. all concert dates and commercial information is for historic purposes only
the 2nd episode aired originally on the 17th of february 2008 and features: joe flood…forest harlow & the 3 town 4…st. bernadette…i….diamond j & the rough…weigh down and OMG frank critelli
and don’t forget a brand new edition of thelocalbandsshow with frank critelli and rick allison airs sunday night at 10 on wplr and again noonish monday on… love you for listening