the loco archives 04.02.17

noonish on sunday on cygnusradio …it’s time for another trip back into the near 30 year archives of thelocalbandsshow. as originally aired on wplr …original commercials, concert calendar and hosts intact.
part one aired on april 2nd in the year 2000 with our guest dave drzal & features:
sumack…gargantua soul…cubistic jack…deep banana blackout and ada
featuring the one…. the only james velvet. pt. 2 aired originally on the march 30th 2008 robbie derosa talks daffodil 08 and craig bell calls in to talk ‘it happened but nobody noticed.’ we’ll hear
mark mulcahy…the sawtelles…stacy phillips…rolla…and frank critelli
and don’t forget there’s a brand new edition of thelocalbandsshow sunday at 10 on wplr and again noonish monday on love you for listening