The Random Rock Free For All: Pirate sessions and New Horizons.

So, this is not a reggae set.  The last few Wednesdays, I’ve been pirating some air time and playing some random rock sets and that is evolving into another show. It’s basically a no holds barred rock extravaganza. It’s a little bit of everything and it’s bound to take some soulful funky turns as well as some folky country ones too.

It’s got a record collector side to it in that you’ll hear the classics and the obscurities and bands you like, but songs you may not have heard by them or the original version of a song they covered.  It’s often heavy and fuzzy and I’m not afraid of the long song.

As eclectic as it sounds, it’s really just a guy with records from the 60’s and 70’s playing them in his apartment, just like any other night.

The official slot for this new show will be Wednesday night, 7-9pm EST.


This set includes:

 Al Ciaola – Nobody’s Sweetheart
Dando Shaft – Coming Home To Me
Michael Chapman – Fennario
 Deep Purple – Anyones Daughter
Hoyt Axton – On The Natural
Spirit – Animal Zoo
Thin Lizzy – The Rocker
Davie Allan & The Arrows – Moonfire
John Williams- I Must Fly
Bermuda Triangle – Nights In White Satin
Mary Hopkin – Lord Of The Reedy River
The Pentangle – Sally Free And Easy
John Martyn – Go Easy
Gary Higgins – Thicker Than A Smokey
Terry Reid – Seed Of Memory
Herbie Hancock Bring Down The Birds
The Youngbloods – Stagger Lee
Dylan & The Band Don’t Ya Tell Henry
Frank Zappa – Sharleena
Jeff Siimmons – Lucille Has Messed Up My Mind
Small Faces – Get Yourself Together
Orang – Utan – I Can See Inside Your Head
Plastic Ono Band – I Found Out
Them – Little Girl
The Yardbirds – Dazed And Confused
Animated Egg – I Said, She Said, Ah Cid
John Compton – Listen
Jackie McAuley – It’s Alright
Cowboy – It’s Time
Spirit – Like A Rolling Stone
Al Ciaola – Diga DIga Do