The Stacey Marie Show

NEW SHOW!!! – Starting Saturday April 29, 2017
The Stacey Marie Show

Saturdays – 8:00 am et
Sundays – 8:00 am et
Hosted by: Stacey Marie

Stacey Marie is an Entrepreneur who loves what she does. She always talks about how she has been so blessed that God answered her prayers after years of asking him ” is this it? How are you going to use me to make a difference in this world? There must be something that I can do to help others? Six years ago her journey began that led her to this amazing place. The biggest thrill is making a difference in an Entrepreneur’s life and encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone and to accomplish their dreams. Stacey Marie gets pure enjoyment when she gets to promote businesses and help grow her host’s shows. You will hear her often say “It’s my dream job and I am gifted to think outside of the box and help business owners grow their business”. On her show, you will hear about her journey and struggles that she endures being an Entrepreneur.  On her show, she has the pleasure of interviewing Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and celebrities in Hollywood. You get to hear her guests’ struggles along their journey and hear how their struggles have brought them to a place where they are at in their personal and business life! You will be inspired!!!

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