Bury the Needle 05/02/2019

Cheech & Chong – Up in Smoke
Worshipper – It All Comes Back
Horseburner – Hand of Gold, Man of Stone
Foghound – Return to Dragontooth
Cortez – Poor and Devoid
Clamfight Whale Road
A Pale Horse Named Death – Love the Ones You Hates
Benthic Realm – I Will Not Bow
Leadfoot – Right Between the Eyes
School of Violence – Following Blind
Leadfoot – Take a Look
Leadfoot – Got a Lot to Learn
Corrosion Of Conformity – White Noise
Sentinel Hill – Uninvited
Brimstone Coven – Earth and Ocean
Hell Camino – River Row Rough Cut
Yatra – Smoke is Rising
Mourn the Light – Weight of the World
Scuzzy Yeti – Knees in the Breeze
Curse The Son – Isolator
Pinto Graham – Southern Superstitions
Shadow Witch – Reap
Buzzard Canyon – SomaBitch
Earthride – Bridge Burner
Kings Destroy – Yonkers Ceiling Collapse
Black Sabbath – Sweet Leaf