Bury the Needle 05/09/2019

Ice T – Shut Up, Be Happy
King Diamond – Welcome Home
Amon Amarth – Fafner’s- Gold
Possessed – No More Room In Hell
Ringworm – Do Not Resuscitate
Hell Bent Welcome To The Dirt
Integrity – Sons of Satan
Hands Of God – No Mercy
The Northern Skulls – Ripping Off My Skin
He is Legend – Boogiewoman
Mastodon – Blood and Thunder
Lemmy/Probot – Shake Your Blood
Spirit Adrift – Hear Her
American Sharks – White Witch
Clutch Ghoul – Wrangler
Worshipper – Arise
Black Dawn – Hold Me Down
Foghound – Keep On Shoveling
Lord Dying – The End Of Experience
Witchtit – The Void
Wretch – Rest in Peace
Magic Circle – Nightland
Danzig – Black Mass
Ghost – Absolution
Magma Rise – A National Acrobat (feat. Karl Agell)
Black Sabbath – Never Say Die