Bury the Needle 05/16/2019

Ice T – Shut Up, Be Happy
Tenacious D – Dio
Rainbow – Stargazer
Rainbow – Gates Of Babylon
Dio – Stand up and Shout
Dio – Holy Diver
Dio – I Speed at Night
Dio – Shame on the Night
Dio – The Last in Line
Dio – Rainbow in the Dark
Dio – Dream Evil
Doug Aldrich; Jeff Pilson; Rob Halford; Scott Warren; Vinny Appice –

Man on the Silver Mountain
Dio – We Rock
Black Sabbath – Neon Knights
Black Sabbath – Turn Up the Night
Black Sabbath – The Mob Rules
Black Sabbath – Die Young
Black Sabbath – Heaven and Hell
Black Sabbath – Children of the Sea
Black Sabbath – Falling off the Edge of the World
Black Sabbath – The Sign of the Southern Cross