Capital Radio, 1-23-23 : Year of the Rabbit

Chinese New Year brings us the year of the Rabbit, so there’s songs from Bright Eyes, The Cramps, Elton John and T. Rex about our long-eared friends. But back to the studio after two weeks away means catching up on the recent deaths of David Crosby and Jeff Beck — who are celebrated by their affiliation in ornithological species; the former in the Byrds, the latter in The Yardbirds.

More recent work is included from both — Crosby working with Sarah Jarosz; Beck with, er, Johnny Depp. But he also had a mutually satisfying relationship with Stevie Wonder. 

Had a song from the late Lisa Marie Presley, from her T Bone Burnett-produced album, but botched an intended salute to Gordy Haron from The Whispers. Snuck in a Tex Rubiniwicz tune just because he came out of retirement to do a show in D.C. 

Here’s the setlist:

Capitol Radio, Jan. 23, 2023, 1-4:50 p.m., 

Capital Radio Two,” The Clash

“Almost Cut My Hair,” Crosby, Stills & Nash & Young

“Long Time Gone [live],” Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 

“Deja Vu [demo],” David Crosby

“The Airport Song,” The Byrds  

“Stranger in a Strange Land” The Byrds  

“I See You,” The Byrds  

“What’s Happening?!?!,” The Byrds  

“Eight Miles High,” The Byrds

 “Draft Morning,” The Byrds 

“Triad” The Byrds

“Wooden Ships,” Jefferson Airplane

“Laughing,” David Crosby 

“For Free,” David Crosby & Sarah Jarosz 

“Soften the Blows,” Lisa Marie Presley

“Hot Rod Man,” Tex Rabinowitz 

“It’s a Love Thing,” The Whispers 

“Mr. Rabbit,” Paul Westerberg 

“Red Rabbits,” The Shins 

“Rabbit Fur Coat,” Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins

“The Rabbit,” Mark Mulcahy 

“King Rabbit,” Pete Townshend 

“Down a Rabbit Hole,” Bright Eyes 

“Jack Rabbit,” Elton John 

“Moon Rabbit,” Cloud Control 

“Rabbit’s Foot,” The Honeys 

“Swing the Big Eyed Rabbit,” The Cramps 

“What’s Opera, Doc? [excerpt],” Elmer Fudd & Bugs Bunny

“Sophie Jumps Down a Rabbit Hole,” Ian Edgerly 

“Peter Rabbit,” Dee Jay & the Runaways 

“Rabbit Foot and Toby Time,”  Mott the Hoople 

“Rabbit Fighter,” T. Rex 

“Chinese New Year,” SALES 

“Chinese Checkers,” Booker T & the MG’s 

“7 Chinese Bros,” R.E.M. 

“Chinese Cafe,” Joni Mitchell 

“Chinese Satellite,” Phoebe Bridgers

“Chinese Interlude,” Tricky

“Upstairs by a Chinese Lamp,” Laura Nyro

“Boots of Chinese Plastic,” The Pretenders

“Chinese Rock,” The Ramones

“Shapes of Things,” The Yardbirds 

“Heart Full of Soul,” The Yardbirds 

“Jeff’s Boogie,” The Yardbirds 

“Over Under Sideways Down,” The Yardbirds 

“Psycho Daisies,” The Yardbirds 

“The Nazz are Blue,” The Yardbirds 

“Looking for Another Pure Love,” Stevie Wonder

“Cause We’ve Ended as Lovers,” Jeff Beck 

“Barabajagal,” Donovan

“Legalise Me,” The Pretenders 

“Race with the Devil,” Jeff Beck & the Big Town Playboys 

“People Get Ready,” Jeff Beck

“Isolation,” Jeff Beck & Johnny Depp

What’s Going On,” Jeff Beck & Johnny Depp 

“A Day in the Life [live],” Jeff Beck 

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