Capital Radio, 8-1-22: Welcoming August

Time to turn the calendar! And perhaps because if its unpopularity, there seems to be fewer songs about August than any other month. Even some songs with August in the title don’t mention it in the lyrics. Still, both Carole King and Harry Nilsson specifically mention the first of August. We manage to get Love, Van Morrison, Clinic, Rilo Kiley and Taylor Swift to weigh in for almost an hour of August toons. And throw in a Joni Mitchell poem to boot.

Also celebrated the birthdays of Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, still with us at 91; Robert Cray (69), Chuck D (62), Dean Wareham and Coolio (both 59) and Dhani Harrison (44), whose dad, we recall, staged the Concert for Bangladesh on this day in 1971. The calendar is already getting pretty marked up!

Here’s the playlist:

Capital Radio, August 1, 2022, 1-4:13 p.m.,

  • “Capital Radio One,” The Clash
  • “Bird’s Lament,” Moondog
  • “The Jetsons,” The Randy Van Horne Singers
  • “First Day in August,” Carole King
  • “Cold Wind in August,” Van Morrison  
  • “Told You Once in August,” Dion with John Hammond and Rory Black
  • “August Streets,” The Greek Theatre 
  • “Rainmaker,” Michael Nesmith & The First National Band 
  • “August,” Taylor Swift 
  • “As I Lie in My Backyard Thinking on Aug. 2nd…” Joni Mitchell  
  • “August,” Rilo Kiley
  • “August,” Clinic 
  • “August,” Love 
  • “Bummer in the Summer,” Love 
  • “Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show,” Neil Diamond 
  • “Blueberries for Breakfast,” Mamas & the Papas
  • “Endless Highway,” The Band
  • “Muleskinner Blues,” Ramblin’ Jack Elliott 
  • “Railroad Bill,” Ramblin’ Jack Elliott with Woody Guthrie and Sonny Terry
  • “Walls of Red Wing,” Ramblin’ Jack Elliott with John Prime 
  • “Shady Grove,” Jerry Garcia & David Grisman
  • “The Wheel [alternate take],” Jerry Garcia 
  • “Islands,” King Crimson 
  • “Rock Steady,” Bad Company 
  • “Seen the Doctor,” Michael Penn 
  • “No Myth,” Michael Penn 
  • “People Who Died” The Jim Carroll Band 
  • “Low Rider,” Jim Carroll Band  
  • “Smoking Gun,” Robert Cray 
  • “Right Next Door (Because of Me),” Robert Cray 
  • “Summertime Police,” Dhani Harrison
  • “I Live for You,” George Harrison 
  • “My Sweet Lord (2000),” George Harrison  
  • “Bangla Desh, [live]” George Harrison 
  • “Anyone Who Had a Heart,” Cilla Black
  • “It’s for You,” Cilla Black 
  • “I’ve Been Wrong Before,” Cilla Black 
  • “Final Day,” Galaxie 500 
  • “Tiger Lilly [Live],” Luna 
  • “Forever,” Dean & Britta  
  • “Out Walking,” Dean & Britta 
  • “Gangsta’s Paradise,” Coolio 
  • “Rebel Without a Pause,” Public Enemy 

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