Franorama 2.0 1/13/22

PART 1: American Beat ’84 – The Fleshtones; Dance Franny Dance – The Floyd Dakil Combo; Rock & Roll Winter – Wizzard; Spanish Bombs – The Clash; The Road to Utopia – Utopia; State of the Art – Jesse Malin; ‘Cause I Said So – The Godfathers; Carbona Not Glue – Ramones; What Do I Get – The Buzzcocks; Who Loves the Sun – The Velvet Underground; So Young and in Love – Bruce Springsteen; May Have to Do It (Don’t Have to Like It) – Jesse Dayton; It’s a Lie – Angie & the New Raiders; Wild Night – Van Morrison; Lucky Day – Sarah Borges; What’s Going On – The Secret Service; What Would You Do – The Silhouettes

PART 2: My Mate From the Tyne – Chris Such & His Savages; Waiting – Eric Hisaw; The Promise – MANifesto; Mr. Sandman – MANifesto; Automatic – MANifesto; Point of No Return – MANifesto; My Lovin’ – MANifesto; Building Blocks – J Prozac; Mandy – J Prozac; Paint the Red Rose Blue – Elvis Costello & the Imposters; Magnificent Hurt – Elvis Costello & the Imposters; Farewell, OK – Elvis Costello & the Imposters; You’ve Got a Habit of Leaving – David Bowie; Can’t Help Thinking About Me – David Bowie

PART 3: Circle Sky – Micky Dolenz; Pocket Calculator – Kraftwerk; Bye Bye Love – The Cars; You Don’t Love Me – The Epitome of Sound; God Is Love (Original Detroit Mix) – Marvin Gaye; god cried: arson! – Vaca Sagrada; Things (right now) – The Sawtelles; I Must Be in Love – The Rutles; I Tell No Lies – The Shoutless; I Fought the Law – The Crickets; All Hail, All Glory – Hector Gannet; Stay With Me – Sarah Dunn; Age of Consent – New Order

PART 4: Drowning in the Sea of Love – Joe Simon; Twine Time – Alvin Cash & the Crawlers; The Problem With Kids Today – The Problem With Kids Today; Drivin’ Me Mad – The Three Degrees; Flash and Crash – Rocky & the Riddlers; Calling Out for Love (at Crying Time) (live) – Marshall Crenshaw; Waking Up the Band – Stupidity feat. Keith Streng; Mickey’s Monkey – The Miracles; I Wanna Kiss Kiss Kiss Your Kips – Hasil Adkins; Higgle-Dy-Piggle-Dy – the monks; As the Years Go By (LP version) – Mashmakhan; Earth Girls on the Loose – The Amplifier Heads; Showstopper – The Split Squad; Something for the Pain – A Bunch of Jerks; This Time I Know I’m Right – Muck and the Mires; It’s Cold Outside – The Choir