Franorama 2.0 12/31/20

PART 1: American Beat ’84 – The Fleshtones; Alex Trebek – The Fleshtones; Ding Dong, Ding Dong – George Harrison; I Wanna Be Sedated – Ramones; I Wanna Be Sedated (Live in Montville, 1980) – The Reducers; New Year’s Day – U2; Wild & Free – The Godfathers; Don’t Blame Yourself – Duncan Reid & the Big Heads; To Live or Live Not – Duncan Reid & the Big Heads; B.A. Baby – The Middlenight Men; Stable – James Williamson & Deniz Tek; That Thing You Do – Billie Joe Armstrong; American Crisis – Bob Mould; The Perilous Night – Drive-By Truckers

PART 2: Happy New Year to You! – The Qualities; Happy New Year Baby – Jo Ann Campbell; What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? – Nancy Wilson; Ballrooms of Mars – Kelly Reilly; Forever – Vicky Tafoya & the Big Beat; When You Go (That’s When You’ll Know) – The Altons; Seems Like – Thee Sinseers; Language of Love – Jason Joshua & the Penrose Scholars; Time – Los Yesterdays; Baby Blue – P.P. Arnold; Olde Store Fronts – Rogers & Butler; Broken Sides – Bob Perry & Edward Rogers; Blues Comin’ On – Dion w/Joe Bonamassa

PART 3: Good Luck (You’re Gonna Need It) – Becky Warren; It’s OK – Dolph Chaney; We Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere – Emily Duff; Sign of the Times – Namoli Brennet; Call Me by My Name – Cidny Bullens; No Flag – Elvis Costello; Do the Lockdown Bossa Nova – Blake Jones; Pushing Forty – The Armoires; Carry Me – The Brothers Steve; The Calculating Boy – The Corner Laughers; Tell Me – The Forty Nineteens; Rebel Kind – Jim Basnight; Another True Story – Spygenius; Closed-Circuit TV Romance – The False Positives

PART 4: Gardening – The Alex Butter Field; Same New York We Used to Know – Lucy’s Neighbor; Contagious – Sour Ops; Tears of Wax – The neithernors; Room in My Head – Craig Bell; Cicada Rock 2020 – Southern Culture on the Skids; Wild Animal – Cyclone Furies; (It All Started) on the Dragon Coaster – Juniper; Until There Was You – Librarians With Hickeys; Ghosts – Bruce Springsteen; One Less Step – Ken Fox & Knock Yourself Out; The Girl in Me – Menage a Trois (voc. Keith Streng); Be Myself Again – Strengsbrew; Alex Trebek – The Fleshtones; Auld Lang Syne – Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians; Auld Lang Syne – The Reducers; Auld Lang Syne – Esquivel