Franorama 2.0 4/15/21

PART 1: Color Line – Garland Jeffreys; American Beat ’84 – The Fleshtones; The Go-Getter Is Gone – Steve Cropper; Contagious – Sour Ops; I’m an Animal, Too – Sour Ops; There She Goes – Sour Ops; It’s for Fun (It’s All We’re Living for) – The Forty Nineteens; Go Little GTO – The Forty Nineteens; It’s the Worst Thing I Could Do – The Forty Nineteens; Dead Letter Box – Curt Florczak; Gimme What’s Left of Your Love – Freeloader; You’re a Doll – Pale Lips; Do It Wrong All Over Again – The False Positives; Why Don’t We? – Your Academy; Starlight – Your Academy

PART 2: Be My Old Fart – Dolph Chaney; The First Song of Summer – Blake Jones; PRN – The Persian Leaps; Falling out of Love Song – Mike Daly & the Planets; Let’s Hear It for Love – Nick Frater; It Must Be Summer – Irene Peña; Beat Poet Turned Assassin (Unabridged Version) – The Brothers Steve; Best Lover in the World – Jim Basnight; It’s My Time – The Viewers; Take a Look at the Stars – Blake Jones & the Trike Shop; Chamberlain – The Persian Leaps; Star – Mike Daly & the Planets; The Summer Place – Irene Peña; Approximately Eternity – Athanor

PART 3: In a Little While – U2; I Don’t Care – Ramones; Cretin Hop – Ramones; Too Tough to Die – Ramones; Rockaway Beach – Ramones; Do You Wanna Dance? – Ramones; I Got Knocked Down (But I’ll Get Up) – Joey Ramone; She’s a Sensation – Ramones; Don’t Come Close – Ramones; I Just Want to Have Something to Do – Ramones; I Don’t Wanna Go Down to the Basement – Ramones; Now I Wanna Be a Good Boy – Ramones; We’re a Happy Family – Ramones; Ramona – Ramones; She’s the One – Ramones; Oh, Oh, I Love Her So – Ramones

PART 4: Do You Remember Rock’n’Roll Radio? – Ramones; I Can’t Make It on Time – Ramones; Pinhead – Ramones; Psycho Therapy – Ramones; Havana Affair – Ramones; Like a Drug I Never Did Before – Joey Ramone; It’s Not My Place (in the 9-to-5 World) – Ramones; The KKK Took My Baby Away – Ramones; I Got You Babe – Holly Vincent & Joey Ramone; Rockaway Beach – The Godchildren of Soul (feat. General Johnson & Joey Ramone); I Want You Around (Soundtrack Version) – Ramones; We Want the Airwaves – Ramones; Howling at the Moon (Sha-la-La) – Ramones; Carbona Not Glue – Ramones; Slug – Ramones

PART 5: My Back Pages – Ramones; Teenage Lobotomy – Ramones; Bonzo Goes to Bitburg – Ramones; Why is It Always This Way? – Ramones; Suzy Is a Headbanger – Ramones; Swallow My Pride – Ramones; There’s Got to Be More to Life – Joey Ramone; Don’t Worry About Me – Joey Ramone; She Talks to Rainbows – Ronnie Spector; Bye Bye Baby – Ronnie Spector; What Do You See – Blackfire; Lying to Myself – Blackfire; (What a) Wonderful World – Joey Ramone