Franorama 2.0 5-23-24

PART 1: Living Legends – The Fleshtones; American Beat – The Fleshtones; The Dreg – The Fleshtones; Stop Fooling Around! – The Fleshtones; Take a Walk With The Fleshtones – The Fleshtones; Alex Trebek – The Fleshtones; Standing in the Shadows – Sour Ops; Invisible – The Second Summer; Unforced Penalties – The Zambonis; Op-Operator – The Shang Hi Los; I Can’t Make the World a Better Place – David Woodard; One Hell of a Ride – Dave Cope & the Sass; Coming Along for the Ride – T. Smith; Mind Your Own Business – The Pist; Where I Come From – The Cadavers; Dull Action – The Cadavers; I’m Done – The Cadavers

PART 2: Come Over – Sarah Dunn; West Wind – The Speed of Sound; The Party Sniper (People Down There) – The Speed of Sound; Mind Palace – The Speed of Sound; Clickbait – The Speed of Sound; Secret Lover – Valley Lodge; After School – Valley Lodge; Daylights – Valley Lodge; Dyin’ – Valley Lodge; Record Cover Girl – Blake Jones & the Trike Shop; We’re Still Here – Dave Alvin & Jimmie Dale Gilmore; Whispers (Getting’ Louder) – Jackie Wilson; Illusions – Jalen Ngonda; Shake Me, Wake Me (When It’s Over) – The Four Tops; Calling Out for Love (at Crying Time) – Marshall Crenshaw; Lyin’ in a Bed of Fire – Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul

PART 3: People Are Disgusting – Jonathan Richman; I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar – Jonathan Richman; Vincent Van Gogh – Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers; No One Was Like Vermeer – Jonathan Richman; Dodge Veg-O-Matic – Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers; Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore – The Rascals; Come On Up – The Rascals; Good Lovin’ – The Rascals; I’ve Been Lonely Too Long – The Rascals; It’s Wonderful – The Rascals; Where Have You Been All My Life – Fotomaker; I Fought the Law (1964 Exeter Records Version) – Bobby Fuller; Let Her Dance – The Bobby Fuller Four; Those Memories of You – Bobby Fuller Four; It’s Love, Come What May – Randy Fuller; Wolfman – Randy Fuller; The Things You Do – Randy Fuller Four; Revelation – Randy Fuller; 1000 Miles into Space – Randy Fuller; Never to Be Forgotten – Bobby Fuller Four