Franorama 2.0 8/13/20

PART 1: Casey Stengel and Mickey Mantle Testify Before Congress, 1958; I Love Mickey – Mickey Mantle & Teresa Brewer; American Beat ’84 – The Fleshtones; Surfing and Spying – The Go-Go’s; Hot Generation – The Pandoras; Hallelujah, I’m Coming Home – The Tail Gators; Age of Consent – New Order; A Hard Day’s Night – The Beatles; Dance Franny Dance – The Floyd Dakil Combo; Slug – Ramones; Songs in the Key of U – Phillip Michael Brooks; COVID-19 – Phillip Michael Brooks; Now Here This – Lara Herscovitch

PART 2: You USA – Lara Herscovitch; Fault Lines – Lara Herscovitch; Call Me by My Name – Cidny Bullens; Queen Jane Approximately – Emma Swift; I Got Nothin’ – Dion w/Van Morrison & Joe Louis Walker; Ballrooms of Mars – Kelly Reilly; Mustang Ford – Marc Bolan; Drip a Drop – The Flat Five; Olde Store Fronts – Rogers & Butler; Face of the Screaming Werewolf – The Fleshtones; Stable – James Williamson & Deniz Tek; The Sexy Sadist – Sour Ops; (Had to Run Away to) Come Back – Dust Hat

PART 3: Clark’s Expedition – The Big Beats; The Right to Rock – Trini Lopez; Just Once More – Trini Lopez; I’m Grateful – Trini Lopez; Don’t Let Your Sweet Love Die – Trini Lopez; Rock On – Trini Lopez; It Hurts to Be in Love – Trini Lopez; If I Had a Hammer (Live at PJ’s) – Trini Lopez; La Bamba (Live at PJ’s) – Trini Lopez; Lemon Tree – Trini Lopez; Let’s Think About Living – Trini Lopez; Eyes of the World – Grateful Dead; Snake Oil Man – John Fusco and the X-Road Riders; Get Off the Stage – Chuck Prophet

PART 4: Move On Up – Curtis Mayfield; Armageddon’s Back in Town – Drive-By Truckers; To Live or Live Not – Duncan Reid & the Big Heads; Tears of a Clown – The Beat; Hung Out to Dry – Hoodoo Gurus; Golden Age of Leather – Blue Oyster Cult; Wild & Free – The Godfathers; Holliedaze – The Hollies; King Horse – Elvis Costello & the Attractions; We Don’t Do That Anymore – The Sidewinders; Pamela Jean – The Survivors; It’s the Little Things – The Skeletons; A Solid Bond in Your Heart – The Jam