Franorama 2.0 8/6/20

PART 1: American Beat ’84 – The Fleshtones; Don’t Look Back – The Remains; Rocket Number Nine Take Off for the Planet Venus – Sun Ra and His Arkestra; Loose – The Stooges; Stable – James Williamson & Deniz Tek; Do You Wanna Be Like Them? – Sour Ops; B.A. Baby – The Middlenight Men; Midnight to Six Man – The Pretty Things; Skimming Milk From the Cream – Rogers & Butler; Hung out to Dry – Hoodoo Gurus; 59 Times the Pain – Husker Du; Cicada Rock 2020 – Southern Culture on the Skids; Wild & Free – The Godfathers; Ace of Shout (Isleyhead – The Isley Brothers vs. Motorhead) – Bill McClintock

PART 2: John the Revelator – John Fusco & the X-Road Riders; Bone Deep – John Fusco & the X-Road Riders; Ophelia – John Fusco & the X-Road Riders; Don’t Mess Up a Good Thing – John Fusco & the X-Road Riders; Snake Oil Man – John Fusco & the X-Road Riders; The Sun Also Rises – John Fusco & the X-Road Riders; Pistol by My Side – Creamery Station; Fernwood – Creamery Station; Dan the Outlaw – Creamery Station; Little Pieces – Cidny Bullens

PART 3: Walkin’ Through This World – Cidny Bullens; The Gender Line – Cidny Bullens; Crack the Sky – Cidny Bullens; Call Me by My Name – Cidny Bullens; Lucky for Me – Cidny Bullens; I Contain Multitudes – Emma Swift; Queen Jane Approximately – Emma Swift; Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts – Bob Dylan

PART 4: Long in the Tooth – The Budos Band; Drip a Drop – The Flat Five; Face of the Screaming Werewolf – The Fleshtones; Ballrooms of Mars – Kelly Reilly; Dub Be Good to Me – Beats International; Keep on Movin’ – Soul II Soul; Cruel Summer – Bananarama; Time (Clock of the Heart) – Culture Club; Sun Is Shining – Bob Marley; Ice Cream Castles – The Time; Genius of Love – Tom Tom Club; Dancing in the Moonlight – Thin Lizzy; Let’s See the Sun – The Fleshtones; Long Hot Summer – Joe Simon; Always the Sun – The Stranglers