Franorama 2.0 9/16/21

PART 1: American Beat ’84 – The Fleshtones; The Way (You Touch My Hand) – The Nomads; Judy Is a Punk – The New Piccadillys; You Should Be Dancing – Dee Gees (Foo Fighters); Mind Your Own Business – Delta 5; Run Me Down – The Higsons; Seven Days Too Long – Chuck Wood; Ready for Action – Cyclone Furies; White Light/White Heat (ChangesNowBowie version) – David Bowie; Geno – Dexy’s Midnight Runners; I Wanna Destroy You – Circle Jerks w/Debbie Gibson; So You Think You’re in Love – Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians; Shoot You Down – APB; Marathon – Chuck Prophet; It’s My Time – The Mynah Birds; To Be Someone (Didn’t We Have a Nice Time) – The Jam; Too Soon to Fall in Love – Muck and the Mires

PART 2: I’m Gonna Knock You Out – Peter Zaremba’s Love Delegation; Through the Night – Peter Zaremba’s Love Delegation; Way Down South – Full Time Men; Nothing’s Gonna Stop Our Train – Full Time Men; Legend of a Wheelman – The Fleshtones; Theme From “The Vindicators” – The Fleshtones; Do You Swing – The Fleshtones; Pour le Pied – The Vacuum Cleaners w/Keith Streng; Screamin’ Skull – The Fleshtones; Roman Gods – The Fleshtones; Sonnet XX – Ian McKellen w/The Fleshtones; The Girl in Me – Ménage à Trois (w/Keith Streng); Save Me – Stupidity w/Keith Streng; Baby Don’t Do It – Full Time Men; After Midnight – Peter Zaremba’s Love Delegation

PART 3: Mi Engañaste Bien – The Fleshtones; Navy Blue – Sour Ops; Spirit Power and Soul – Johnny Marr; The Sunshine Saves Everyone – The Junior League; Library Bar – The Junior League; 54 – The Junior League; Hart Island – The Junior League; Andrea (You Can’t Fly) – The Junior League; LIRR – The Junior League; Not My Time – The Junior League; Storytelling – The Junior League; Turn Off the Lights – The Junior League; In the Morning Light – The Junior League; Woodlawn Avenue – The Junior League

PART 4: Ballrooms of Mars – Kelly Reilly; Hayley – Edward Rogers; (Rock’n’Roll Suicide) If I Can Dream – El Vez; The Boy Has a Gun – Bob Perry; Camel Walk – Saundra Mallett & the Vandellas; Camel Walk – Southern Culture on the Skids; There Was a Time – James Brown; Whole Lotta Sex Machine (James Brown vs. Led Zeppelin) – DJ Eric ILL; Random Drug Testing – Cub Koda; The Cholesterol Cabin – Cub Koda; The Crusher – King Uszniewicz & His Uszniewicztones; Chances Are – King Uszniewicz & His Uszniewicztones; When We Refuse to Suffer – Jonathan Richman; Dodge Veg-O-Matic – Jonathan Richman; Big Mama’s Calling – Jesse “Wild Bill” Austin