Mercy Choir Interview

I joined with the hope of starting an interview program similar to Inside The Actor’s Studio, only on the radio instead of the television. And I had planned to have Paul Belbusti of Mercy Choir as my first guest. I’ve known Paul for years, and I’ve always both enjoyed and/or respected his work.

It took a good long while, but I finally got my act together enough to bring Paul (and Tim Goselin – musician, songwriter, producer, and sometimes Mercy Choir band member) to The Coffeehouse Studio in Middletown, CT, to discuss the making of Mercy Choir Sings In The Traditional Rock and Roll Style.

Paul is guarded and mysterious when talking about his music (and maybe in general). For example:

 When I asked, “Where does the title ‘Waabaayo’ come from?” Paul responded, Google it.
After discussing the differences in recording approaches to “Carrie Anne,” I asked which was the more accurate version, the seemingly darker version on Goodbye Letters or the almost Buddy-Holly-meets-Roy-Orbison innocence on Sings In The Traditional Rock and Roll style. Paul responded, “Yes.”Short answers aside, Paul is intelligent and articulate and he writes great songs. I’m happy we have this document. And I’m happy to own the record. You should own it too.