Metamodern Sounds in Country Music


I have a confession.

Actually, fuck that. I have a declaration:
I listen to the Outlaw Country station on SiriusXM Radio whenever I’m driving Lu’s car.
And, I love it. They play everything from Hank Williams to Sarah Gayle Meech (look her up, and the next time we’re in the same bar, remind me to tell you about the time she winked at me at Robert’s Western World in Nashville, TN), and have introduced me to many new artists and many old artists I’ve somehow overlooked.

I’m pretty sure it was Mojo Nixon’s show where I first heard Sturgill Simpson, and some time passed before I purchased Metamodern Sounds in Country Music at Cactus Music in Houston, TX. His voice is a husky baritone that sounds much older and wiser than his 37 years. With themes like ego and evolution, and subject matter like God, drugs, and the lightness and darkness within us all, the songs are also much deeper than I was accustomed to hearing in country music. I hear shreds of Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, and Elvis Presley, but this remains totally original stuff. Heady, trippy, and completely down to earth.

I’m really looking forward to his set on Saturday, July 25, at the Newport Folk Festival.