MPH VOL. 33: More Piano Happening – the National Piano Month episode, 09.24.2021

#MorePianoHappening is volume 33 of MPH: Music Philanthropy and History in the Mosh Pit Hell of Metal Punk and Hardcore on Cygnus Radio.  Join us for a celebration of the piano-forte and other related keyboard instruments, tonight 24 September beginning 22:00 USEDT (10pm nyc), from the Isle of Misfit toys, with the doormouse, dmf.

Tune into #MorePianoHappening tonight for the annual National Piano Month episode with nasty new numbers by Iron Maiden and Evergrey plus classic cuts by My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Amorphis, Borknagar, Vintersorg, Emperor, Behemoth, Division by Zero, as well as rippin listener inspired songs by Dream Theater, Green Carnation, Dimmu Borgir and more songs that remind me of Autumn while showcasing the mighty keyboard.

Learn some of the history of the piano and it’s importance to music including being occasionally derided in metal, punk and hardcore while also finding out how to support the NFP Pianos For Peace and it’s effort for bringing piano, and music in general, to everyone.

MPH is making poseurs hip on your fav socials, so use @MPHnoise to follow along and bring you best moves for the Friday Night Mosh on Cygnus Radio @cygnusradio tune in direct at

Be sure to come back after this show to pick up the detailed playlist and archive file to listen again!