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DJ: G.Gone’s Top 10 Albums of 2015

Last year, after many idle years, I resurrected my Top 10 list. With that, I lamented the shift in music distribution – the way music reaches our ears nowadays – and the overwhelming amount of music vs. the time to actually listen.

I personally enjoy the Album/CD format vs. just singles – and, when one song/single can lead to an album that I can derive pleasure from – this, to me, is the essence of the art.

2015 saw more music resounding through my being than any year previous, which made assembling a Top 10 an extremely daunting task. So basically it came down to the 10 lps that received the most plays/attention. This left an “Honorable Mention” list too large to justify. Therefore, I need to thank all those who made my listening experience so great in 2015, and apologize for not being able to spend more time with their music. 
And so, without further ado, here is my Top 10 lps of 2015:

10. Meghann Wright – Nothin’ Left To Lose

It’s the 2nd year that our friends at Blacktop Records turned me onto an album that made my Top 10 – Meghann Wright is a Brooklyn artist who’s raw Janis Joplin-esque vocals captured my attention in a big way.

9. The Waterboys – Modern Blues

A fantastic return (of sorts) by veteran Scottish rockers (Mike Scott & Co.), sounding as wonderful as ever.

8. The Mountain Movers – Death Magic

New Haven, CT’s own unpretentious Alt. hipsters move further into psycho-trippy, lo-fi prog and blow our minds – again.

7. Atom Rush – Sauce on the Side

Spoken word over smooth grovin’ accessible jazz emanating from Danbury CT. it speaks to me in many ways…

6. Lines West – Two Of A Perfect Pair

A great sophomore release from my last year’s #1. This Bridgeport, CT duo/band keeps honing their songwriting skills and harmonic chops to perfection.

5. Johnny Mainstream – Break the Kettles and Sink the Ship

These Manchester CT stalwarts continue a great string of releases with a lyrically intense send up of true Barroom/Pub Rock-n-Roll.

4. Chaser Eight – S/T

Debut effort from North Haven, CT. This tight outfit is intent on runnin’ down the dream, and they came out of the Rock-n-Roll garage clicking on all cylinders.

3. Balkun Brothers – ReDrova & S/T

Hailing from Hartford, CT. Brothers Steve (guitar) and Nick (drums) stormed greater New England, Europe, and our ears with two releases and a live presence that’ll knock your socks off. Blues/Bluesch-Metal/Rock that’ll have you referencing your Hendrix collection, and wailin’ every time you press play.

2. Courtney Barnett – Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit

Australian Alt. Rocker who’s stream of conscious writing and singing/reciting backed by a cracker-jack band which embraces and pushes all that is good about Rock-n-Roll, and has made countless Top 10 lists, is a breath of much needed fresh air.
This was going to be my #1 pick up until mid-November when…

1. Neil Young and Bluenote Café

Recorded live during Neil Young & The Bluenotes ’87-88 tour, this 2 lp/cd release is so utterly amazing I’m shocked it took this long to see the light of day. Containing 7 never before released gems, it’s a flat out scorcher which starts with Neil’s pedal to the (blues)metal and never lets up. This is a must-own for any record collector.

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Time for 2016!