Open Mic Adventure

I’ve had the opportunity to attend a few open mic nights recently.
I love open mics.  In my younger days, I performed five nights a week at various open mics around Cambridge and Boston. They’re perfect places to cut your teeth, gain experience and confidence, and practice in public.
For more seasoned performers, open mic nights are chances to perform new songs or try out different styles, but they can also be unique learning experiences. Through simple observation, you can learn how to handle mistakes with aplomb, how engage (or disengage) an audience, and what Not to do when performing.
I learn something new every time. And whether you’re a new songwriter, an old hack, or just want to listen and learn, I highly recommend attending an open mic night.
Here are a few suggestions:
Monday nights: The Buttonwood Tree in Middletown, CT
Wednesday nights: The Outer Space in Hamden, CT, with host Seth Adam.
Friday nights: LaSalle’s Market in Collinsville, CT