Random Rock Records December 4, 2021

Sandy Nelson, The Work Song
Sparks, Fletcher Honarama
Spacemen 3, Sound Of Confusion
Modern Lovers, Astral Plane
Television Personalities, Three Wishes
The Salvation Army, She Turns To Flowers
The Who, Barbara Ann
Can, Mother Sky
Night Sun, Living With The Dying
Thunder & Roses, Dear Dream Maker

Opal, Magick Power
Patti Smith Group, Ask The Angels
Patti Smith, Free Money
Christine Harwood, Never Knew What Love Is
Linda Perhaps, Parallelograms
Stone The Crows, One More Chance
Holly Golightly, Until I Find You
The Rockin’ Ramrods, She Lied
The Double Naught Spys, Can’t Tame Me
The Remains, Lonely Weekend
Small Faces, Almost Grown
Troggs, Anyway That You Want Me
Duster Bennett, Jumping At Shadows
Lalo Schiffrin, Scorpio

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