Random Rock Records January 2, 2021

Jack Elliott, McGuire’s Rock
Nara Leão, De Onde Vens
Bobby Jameson, Jamie
The Beau Brummels, Magic Mellow
Jamie DeFrates, Sailing All The Way
A New Place To Live, Summertime In The Winter
The Poppy Family, You Took My Daylight Away
Chrysalis, April Grove
Emerald Web, Silver Cities
King Crimson, In The Wake Of Poseidon
David Bowie, The Width Of A Circle
Arthur Lee, Love Jumped Through My Window
The Misunderstood, I Can Take You To The Sun
Badfinger, Money

Brother Jack McDuff, Duffin’ Around
The Undisputed Truth, Ma
Konk, Soka Loka Moki
Can, Dizzy Dizzy
Taste, Catfish
Ten Years After, Circles
Q65, Cry In The Night
Jigsaw, Sky High
Beach Boys, Airplane
Alfonso Lovo, Los Conquistadores
Bill Horn, 2001 Theme

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