Random Rock Records July 6, 2024

Nino Nardini & The Pop Riviera Grioup, Express Pour Portofino
Sweetwater, In A Rainbow
The Count Five, Contrast
Hackamore Brick, Got A Gal Named Wilma
Tommy Stuart & His Band Of Friends, 7 Miles Past Jupiter
Beach Boys, Had To Phone Ya
Alan Munson, The Sun Is Shining In Your Eyes
Freedom North, Fat Man
Les Irresistibles, My Year Is A Day
Malo, Cafe
Tree Fox, Leavin’ In The Mornin’
U.S. Apple Corps, Dead

Guess Who, When Friends Fall Out
Prix, She Might Look My Way
Stalk Forrest Group, What Is Quicksand
The Byrds, Bad Night At The Whiskey
Eno, Some Of Them Are Old
Dave Mason, Can’t Stop Worrying Can’t Stop Loving
Paul McCartney, Every Night
Velvet Underground, Ride Into The Sun
Margo Guryan, Sunday Morning
Billy Nicholls, Feeling Easy
Bobbie Gentry, Seasons Come Seasons Go
Faces, Glad And Sorry
Love, I’m With You
Sandy Coast, Back To The City
Bee Gees, World
Lou Rawls, Dead End Street
The Soul Providers, Mopoji Strikes Back

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