Random Rock Records May 11, 2024

Harvey Mandel, Baby Batter
Luther Grosvenor, Rocket
Justin Tyler, If You Want Paradise
Imagine, Superstar
Peter Kaukonen, Up Or Down
The Third Power, Comin’ Home
Kevin Lamb, Last Farewell
Barclay James Harvest, Crazy City
Family, Broken Nose
Love, The Everlasting First
Badger, Wheel Of Fortune
Alexander’s Timeless B Bloozband, Love So Strong

The Bag, Red Purple And Blue
Brothers And Sisters, He’s Always Near
Pure Buckwheat Honey, Sunshine Holiday
Jonathan & Leigh, Third And Main
Apple, The Otherside
The Chocolate Watchband, In The Past
Felix Pappalardi & Creation, Secret Power
T.Rex, The Slider
Hard Meat, Space Between
Boniwell’s Music Machine, Somethin Hurtin On Me
Sir Lord Baltimore, Woman Tamer
July, Move On Sweet Flower
Savoy Brown, Poor Girl
The Mothers Of Invention, Motherly Love
Isaac Hayes, Breakthrough

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