Risleydale’s Roots, Rock, Radio January 10, 2021

I Roy, Created By The Father
Ta Teasha Love, Oh Jah Come Now
Ta Teasha Love, Roots Man
Well Pleased & Satisfied, Barber Man Bawling
Yabby You, Warn The Nation
Yabby You, Judgement On The Land
Sister Jam, A Man Like You
Al Campbell, Oversize Man
Albert Malawi, Jah Mercy
Albert Malawi, Jah Is Sweet
Brigadier Jerry, Wicked Situation
Black Sound Of Ultro, Jammy’s Natural Mystic
Delroy Wiliams, Think Twice
Edi Fitzroy, Jah Jah Style
Desmond Young, Warning
Big Youth, Wolf In Sheep Clothing

Tapper Zukie, Pontious Pilot
Attamas, Brimstone & Fire
Erick Clarke, Jah See Them
Don Carlos, This Little Girl
John Holt, My Heart Is Gone
The Flames, Zion
The Righteous Flames, Must Be A Solution
Heptones, Country Boy
leroy & Family, Midtown Dub
The Fantells, You Can’t Hide
Glen Washington, Rocker “Nu” Crackers
Fred Locks, Black Star Liner
Jah Lloyd, Step It In A Zion
Hot Rocks, Badda Badda
In Crowd Band, His Majesty Is Coming
Flora Adams, Fire Fire
Prince Jammy’s, Bionic Rock

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