Risleydale’s Roots, Rock, Radio June 9, 2019

Dave Robinson, Black Man’s Dance Version
Super Cat & Bruck Back, Mr. Walker
Don Carlos, I’m Not Crazy
U Brown, Out Of Hand
Tristan Palma, I Am Ready
Sister Nancy, One Two
Maureen Thomas, Wicked Intention
Shinehead, Golden Touch
Josie Wales, Love Mi Half Fi Get
Gregory Isaacs, Tune In
K.C. White, Selassie I
Invaders, Heaven & Hell
Big Joe, Weed Specialist
Invaders, Conquering Lion
Jacob Miller, Standing Firm In Babylon
Inner Circle, Dub In Firm


Tappa Zukie, Quarter Pound Of Ishens
Black Uhuru, The Sun Is Shining
Earl Cunningham, Never Give Up
Linval Thompson, Wicked Babylon
Earl Zero, Righteous Works
N*gger Charlie, Hooligan Rock
Lanford Graham, Jungle Man
Michael Campbell, Barber Saloon
King Tubby, Leggo The Barber
Eric Fish Clarke, Clean Heart
Culture, Two Sevens Clash
Bo Jangles, Prophecy Reveal
Johnny Osbourne, Warrior
Delroy Wilson, In This Little Village