Risleydale’s Roots, Rock, Radio September 13, 2020

Bullwackie, United Rock
Tony Tuff, Have Mercy
Frankie Paul, Leave It To Me
Bobby Melody, Zuggu Zuggu Zeng
Echo Minott, Rip & Run Off
Junior Reid, Poorman Transportation
Tenor Saw, Lots Of Sign
Dennis Brown & Gregory Isaacs, Let Off Sup’m
Dennis Brown, Revolution
Mikey General, Walker John
Eek A Mouse, For Hire And Removal
Nicodemus, Gunman Connection
Half Pint, Political Fiction
Half Pint, Cost Of Living

Scion Success, Pain A Back
Carlton Livingston, 100 Pounds Of Collie Weed
Badoo, Talk To Them
General Echo, Lover’s Corner
Johnny Osbourne, Fire Down Below
Black Crucial, Mr. Vincent
Calbert Russell, Roots Man
Pampadoo, The Governor General
Josey Wailes, Pass The Dollar Bill
Papa Finnigan & Junior Ranking, Put The Heathen Back ‘Pon The Wall
Carlton Jackson, Only Jah Will Do
Barry & Chipps, Peace And Harmony
Don Carlos, Knock Knock
Dave Robinson, Ruby & Diamonds
Earl 16, Julia
Sugar Minott, Trying To Fool I
Johnny Clarke, If You Should Lose Me (Dub version)

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