Steve Earle – Terraplane

Sunday, Match 15. 2015, 4:53pm:

I’m on my third G&T.
I’ve listened to the new Steve Earle record (Terraplane) seven times consecutively. In the liner notes, Steve talks about the blues and comments that “everyone is sick of all my happy fucking happy songs anyway.”
Pete Townshend was once asked (and you’ll see the connection soon enough) whether he preferred to be poor and happy or rich and miserable. He replied, “Well, I guess I was always sort of happy being miserable.”
One more seemingly unrelated tale: I saw a meme on FB. It defined the term “Apocoloptimist” as some one “who knows everything ia going to shit but still thinks it’ll all work out fine.”
Take the  previous three short paragraphs in one jagged  pill, and that’s the way I experience the new Steve Earle record. His voice is grizzled and worn, but somehow serene (happy!?) in its acceptance of the complexities and variance of this life. This is the blues run through a wisdom filter. Does that make sense to you? Let me put it a different way…  Remember the song “For You” when Springsteen said, “You could laugh and cry in a single sound.”? It’s like that.
And, this record it absolutely agreeable. You want to dance in the kitchen? Go ahead! Want to sit in the rocking chair and contemplate your existence? Equally acceptable.
To me, that the best.
Yours in,