Stream of Consciousness Review: Butch Walker – Stay Gold

I blog sometimes. When I have time. When the mood strikes me. When I am moved.

This time, I’m moved.

I bought a record today at Exile On Main Street in Branford:  Butch Walker – Stay Gold

Here is the recipe as I see it:
In a shaker w. ice:
shot and 1/2 of Texas
shot of New Jersey
splash of Southern California
dash of New England
juice of a half lime
shake 47 times
pour over ice in a pint glass, top with seltzer, mix thoroughly with a spoon, consume within 3-7 minutes (to taste) on an empty stomach at 7:30-8am-ish, while opening a window and collecting yourself
Now make some coffee and take a good stretch while it percolates. Have the first cup while making something good to eat. Take a hit-three (to taste) while you’re putting it all together.
Eat with a second cup of coffee, look out the window, feel the breeze through the open window.
That’s the record as I see it. The Perfect Morning.