Stream of Consciousness Review: Emitt Rhodes

Stream of Consciousness Review by Frank Critelli

Emitt Rhodes – Rainbow Ends
Being an abused husband can be toe-tapping and melodic. Clean. Well-recorded. All the right notes (for better or worse). Actually, Emitt is fairly badass for an old softy. Shit – now I actually feel sorta sorry that this swell fella had to experience hard times… Peace be with you, Emitt Rhodes! Thank you for reminding us that heartbreak is poetic, natural, and (in a weird sorta way) enjoyable!
Mandatory Stream of Consciousness comparisons:
Imagine the songs that might have been written if Jackson Browne had married Patti Boyd instead of George Harrison. Imagine that Harry Chapin and Steely Dan started writing songs together. Imagine Christopher Cross mixed with late-career Bee Gees, and Jeff Lynne produced it.