Stream of Consciousness Review: The Record Company

The Record Company
Give It Back To You  Stream of Consciousness Review by Frank Critelli.

Yes.This is exactly what I need to hear: self-help for badasses. Riffy acoustic country blues. Heavy front porch music. Great bass player. Appropriately sloppy – loosely in the groove. “It feels so good doin’ what you want when you know you shouldn’t.” Holy shit – the bass player plays with a slide.
Mandatory stream of consciousness comparisons:
Beggar’s Banquet meets Big Star. Led Zeppelin III meets late-career Black Crowes. Less fashion-conscious and self-absorbed than Jack White or The Black Keys (thankfully). Blackberry Smoke could have been this real, but Zach Brown could Never be this real. Keith Richards will like this band. Have they opened for The Stones? Gotta look that up…
This is a good record. Press repeat to make sure…