Stream of Consciousness Review: The Sunday Buzz with Sloof, King Bongo, and Sara Rose

Live Show – The Sunday Buzz @ Cafe Nine, State Street, New Haven –  04.10.16



(That’s FOOLS backward) Imagine that Phish and Weezer joined forces to start a surf band. The rhythm section sings and writes the songs, and the drummer plays barefoot. I like that.

Fun and sloppy. Personable stage presence.

King Bongo:

Imagine the MC5 fronted by Bob Ross (the painter) on beer instead of ganga, with an idiot savant on drums, and a somewhat stoic yet goove-tastic bass player dressed like he just finished his shift at Dunkin’ Donuts 20 minutes before set time.

Loose and wild. Charismatic. Sing-along punk anthems.

Sara Rose:

Appearances are deceiving. Looks like an acoustic guitar-playing Sarah McLachlin type. Sounds like Blondie bolstered by an unrehearsed Devo.