the allison transmission 01.13.20

if polyrhythms and drum solos disquiet you, please forego the opening salvo... kinetic selections from the monster kit of the late neil  peart will be featured. RIP.  then on to our typical monday rife with waybackery and tomfoolery...capped with a light pesto twirl of local bands .

the allison transmission -made fresh daily
The Spirit of Radio Rush
Neil Peart (R.I.P.) & The Buddy Rich Big Band Drum Solo - Cotton Tail - 1994
YYZ (Live) Rush
Tom Sawyer Rush
Congratulations The Traveling Wilburys
Dancing In the Dark Bruce Springsteen
Political World Bob Dylan
Introduce Me To The Blues The Meadows Brothers
Teach Me Lyle Lovett
wayback 01.13
On The Fly Promo Wednesday
Cygnus Backroom 003-2
One Step Beyond Madness
Our House Madness
'Round Midnight Joe Pass
Folsom Prison Blues (Live) Johnny Cash
Oh Susannah Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Taking Some Time On Barclay James Harvest
Blues Power (Live) Eric Clapton
cygnus_loco next 30
I Think I See The Light Cat Stevens
Sweet and Indestructible Love Pigeon English
Lost And Found Harry Nilsson
Lost In Yesterday Tame Impala
Young Goodman Brown Oberon Rose
Everybody’s Gotta Live Love
Heroes David Bowie
Everybody I Love You Crosby, Stills, Nash And Young
love you for listening